The Caribbean’s Best Festivals


In the Caribbean festivals and tropical settings goes hand in hand, and when you decide to visit the islands plan a vacation with one of these festivals in mind. Caribbean festivals are an expression of the island’s rich culture and amazing background. Offering an exciting, colorful and vibrant scene on the islands, these festivals allow you to enjoy the events like the locals. With lively music, street parades, brightly-colored costumes and exciting dance moves, you Caribbean vacation will be one of the most entertaining one you ever had. Experience the cultural features of each island, as you revel in the different festivals that offer a rich example of life in the Caribbean. There are festival celebrations on most of the islands, here are some of the best Caribbean festivals to enjoy.

Crop Over Festival in Barbados
Celebrate with the Bajans in this exciting festival. Honoring the end of the sugar harvest, this summer festival in Barbados is one of the best festivals to attend in the Caribbean. Beginning from the 1780′s, when Barbados was the world’s leading producer of sugar, there was a large festivity to mark the end of another sugar cane harvest, hence its name Crop Over Festival. A month long celebration, which normally starts in July, Crop Over is an event that fuses carnival spirit with plenty of party events.

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Jump-Up Festival in St. Lucia
This is a local weekly celebration in beautiful St Lucia. On the streets of Gros Islet, dancing and delicious St Lucian cuisine fills the air. Held on Friday nights, Jump-Up Festival is one of the best block parties in the Caribbean. From the skewered conch dishes to the pulsating island beats, you will enjoy this event. Each Friday, the island of St. Lucia comes alive at about 9:00pm ’til midnight for a street party of drinking, dancing, buying crafts while having fun.

Reggae Sumfest in Jamaica
Nowhere else in the world you will find such an array of musical explosion than at Reggae Sumfest. Covering 7-nights of different genre of music, this event attracts young crowds, as it features a variety of Jamaican reggae artists. Reggae Sumfest is the largest concert festival held in Jamaica, taking place each year in mid-July for a week of vibrant island vibes in the city of Montego Bay. This musical festival started in 1993 and features a fabulous line of local and international entertainers.

No matter where you want to go in the Caribbean, there is always a great festival going on to suite every taste. Be spell-bound by the Jonkonnu festival that is mainly held during the Christmas season on the island. This event is a celebration of the end of slavery especially in the islands of Jamaica and The Bahamas. Celebrate with the island to learn more about their history attend the festivals and jump in the colorful costumes for a unique Caribbean experience.