San Fernando Jazz Festival in Trinidad and Tobago


Trinidad’s busy second city, San Fernando, which is populated mainly with locals of Indian descent, is built on hills of the exciting landscape. San Fernando Hill is very much a carnival city, where you can experience a full assortment of competitions in Skinner Park as well as energetic parades. In the splendid setting of San Fernando Hill, a jazz festival with both local and international artists takes place every year.

With the magic of San Fernando Hill the sweet sounds of jazz drift out over the island as local, regional and international musicians play for one special night at the San Fernando Jazz Festival. The San Fernando Jazz Festival is a thrilling festival to attend as the experience allows you to participate in the event on 8th October 2011 on San Fernando Hill. This festival is held annually showcases an impressive entertainment lineup artiste.

San Fernando Jazz Festival
San Fernando Hill is one of Trinidad’s well kept secret and by the ideal place to enjoy a night of jazz. The San Fernando Jazz Festival seeks to teach you about the city as it connect you with its cultural spotlight. Promising a musical and culinary experience unlike any other, San Fernando Jazz Festival will be a jazz festival to remember. This year the event will be poised as it offers you a virtual realm of jazz under the tropical skies.

This unique festival has grown in standings and commands your respect while you enjoy its savory entertainment. Although not saying what this year’s line-up will be, the festival will provide a playlist a tad slimmer on the international part. But nevertheless, offering an assortment of wholesome music. Tempting you with budget-friendly musical package, you can book your vacation to Trinidad experience this amazing event.

Think of an abundance of music paired by breathtaking sights, sipping cocktails and cold beer, tasting delicious local cuisine and chatting with old friends or new acquaintances, as the music drifts in and out of your memory. The 8th annual San Fernando Jazz Festival 2011is one festival you wouldn’t want to miss!