RTI Weekend


Every year between the months of July to August the exciting town of Negril, Jamaica comes alive with four days of the hottest party on this wonderful island. RTI Weekend or Red Stripe Temptation Island normally takes place on July 30 – August 2, where the town of Negril hosts the most energizing parties in the Caribbean. Negril boast seven miles of white sandy beach and with this entertainment escapade blended with plenty alcoholic drinks and bikinis, you are guaranteed never to get bored.

The cost of this entertainment package may cost you about US$150.00 and these parties are for individuals who love dancehall, reggae and Soca music and plan to have a great time while in Jamaica. There are no age requirements, however most persons attending these events are normally young people between the ages of 18-30. RTI Weekend is one of the best ways to mix and mingle with Jamaicans at an authentic Jamaican party. Thousands of people from all over the Jamaica, other Caribbean islands and the world come every year to party at Negril’s leading event.

This event is very tempting to any individual who loves to party, as the music and the drinks tend to take you to a level of much excitement. And if you decide to attend as a group or with a few friends you will enjoy the atmosphere as everywhere you turn there are activities for you to enjoy yourselves. Party in the swimming pools, down the slides, or near to the beach, you may even glimpse a few popular entertainers that often times pass through these wild parties. Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Shaggy or Sean Paul are some of the artiste you may see.

If you reside outside of Jamaica or in another parish within Jamaica, you will need to reserve hotel accommodation so you can relax when you want to. During or before this event starts, you will find hotels, guest house or villas offering reasonable packages to suit any budget or taste. For your transportation needs there are shuttle buses that ply the routes from the airport and around Negril for your convenience, the cost is about US$50.00.

The next time you decide to visit the beautiful island of Jamaica you can attend this exhilarating and invigorating event and have the time of your life.

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