Rose Festival


Throughout the entire year, the island of St. Lucia is bursting with exciting events and festivals that celebrate the island’s heritage and lifestyle. Plan a Caribbean vacation to St. Lucia in the summer to experience a thrilling event for roses. St. Lucia’s Rose Festival is part of the Feast of Saint Rose De Lima that honors the regal flower with splendor and ritual. This festival is where a royal kingdom of roses complete with king, queen, dignitaries and loyal subjects, displays an extraordinary event on the last Saturday in August.
Rose Festival

St. Lucia’s fancy Rose Festival is an event that is entirely dedicated to its namesake flower, as it highlights the Feast of Saint Rose De Lima during the festival. Prior to the feast, the island engages in a month of celebration for these delicate plants as every Saturday during August, the streets of St. Lucia come alive with dance, singing and best costume competitions. At these competitions you will see the locals dress up the previous year fanciest costumes with bright and vivid colors, as they parade through the streets. No one is allowed to see the current year’s costumes before the big day.

During the festival, you will enjoy the Grand Fête, which is live music playing to jump start a nightlong party with drums and maracas. While the king and queen of the Rose Festival parades in the streets with government leaders and even the Prime Minister. As soon as the singing starts the drums start beating, the guitars start playing, and the maracas start shaking. An exciting event to attend, the rose festival in unlike any other Caribbean event to enjoy.

This celebration is sure to be energetic as it will continue well into Sunday! With all night singing and dancing, where drinks are sold and games are played, you can participate as you bow to the King and Queen. An interesting event to see as the police and soldiers in uniform enforce regulations against any disorder, breaches of protocol, or other misdemeanors. Jokingly, if you are found in breach, you will be taken before a magistrate for a mock trial and then fined, you can laugh at the proceedings afterwards.

It is guaranteed lots of fun to attend this festival in thrilling St. Lucia as they really know how to throw a party.