Reggae Marathon in Jamaica – Sun Splash


Reggae Marathon in Jamaica Jamaica has a long and illustrious history in sports and music, and each year in Negril the spectacular running event called Reggae Marathon take place. The event is in its tenth year of existence, that offers a mixture of reggae music and cool sea breeze that caresses you body as you run along the pathways of this amazing event. The event however seeks to increase each year with its emphasis on the appeal of marketing Jamaica as a sporting, health and wellness, and music destination.

The Reggae Marathon begins each year in December for about two to three days, each participant and supporter will find race gears as well as the best of Jamaica’s colour art and craft on show to purchase. The energetic beach side town of Negril gets amazingly lively at this event, as competitors take on either the full marathon or half marathon that brings them to some of the most winding yet beautiful sights along Jamaica coastline.

Both events start at the lovely Long Bay Beach Park, which is part of the fabulous seven miles of Negril’ coast; and ends at Green Island square. Just before the race starts, a early morning torchlight ceremony of drummers chanting their many blessings to cheer on the runners. The minute the event starts or along the way you will hear pulsating reggae must playing to help get you in the mood for the long haul.

The event is divided into world-class events, with the race set on certified course featuring water and aid stations for every mile. The cooling stations are fully equipped with iced towel wraps and other medical suppliers to aid with whatever injuries may exist. After the event there is a party to celebrate the occasions, food provide is normally filled with lots of carbs.

In an effort to increase overseas participation, international airlines have offered packages to attract visitors to this wonderful event. In addition, to this the airlines and hotels also giveaway further discounts on airfares and accommodations.

Come and join in the fun at this year’s Reggae Marathon in Negril to experience the greatest race under the Caribbean sun, you and your family and friends will have a memorable and enjoyable time.