Portland Jerk Festival in Jamaica


Portland Jerk Festival in JamaicaPortland Jerk Festival is a must visit event in Jamaica. Featuring over 25 authentic mouthwatering jerk meals, you can enjoy tasty pork, chicken, lobster, shrimp, mutton, beef and conch, even jerk ice-cream. The parish of Portland on Jamaica’s northeastern coast normally hosts its Portland Jerk Festival during the month of July. This year the festival will be held on July 4th at the beautiful Folly Estate in Port Antonio.

Portland is the parish where jerk was originated, and for this reason the exciting Portland Jerk Festival was born. This festival is by far one of the most anticipated calendar events to take place in Portland, as Jamaicans love jerk foods and lively entertainment. The festival provides you with the perfect place to participate in a wonderful feast of jerk delights while having fun with the pulsating beats of the island.

Portland Jerk Festival always features a combination of popular artistes and cultural items throughout the day. As the event brings together talented vendors with beautiful craft items to buy, you will enjoy the fabulous array of entertainment provided.  While maintaining the concept of promoting Jamaica’s famous jerk experience, this event also allows you to bask in the natural family amusement settings with its Kiddies Village that offers amazing rides all day.

Portland Jerk Festival is truly a celebration of two unique elements, which is reggae and jerk. The ideal place to have lots of fun, you can enjoy the ultimate social scene with the breathtaking backdrop of Portland’s tranquility and cool sea breezes. It will certainly be an unforgettable and amazing event of entertaining platforms for the young and old.

It’s all about the jerk and music with great friends and family. Come and be a part of the Portland Jerk experience which is guaranteed to be fun and more fun. Taste the best of authentic Jamaican jerk foods while reveling in the cultural scenes.