Port Royal Music Fest


Port Royal Music Fest Port Royal Music Festival is an annually three day event, which produces a fiesta of timeless musical bliss. This festival is hail as the celebration of Jamaican and international music, that normally takes place during the months of August to November.

The festivities usually begin with a celebrity party, followed by the main show and then jazz on the harbor. Port Royal was once known as the richest and wickedest city in the world, which was discovered in the early 1650’s by British settlers who came to Jamaica. Soon after, the town grew to become the ultimate pirates’ paradise in the western hemisphere.

Port Royal Music Festival is always a hit with locals and visitors alike. This event is held in the community of Port Royal, which is beyond the Norman Manley international Airport. This former pirate’s den is just a short drive from Kingston city.

The festival offers you a delightful and exciting mix of all genres of music. The celebrity party is normally held at the exclusive Morgan’s Harbor Hotel and Marina, which boasts the glitz and glamor of a celebrity party. This red carpet event allows patrons to mix and mingle with some of the entertainer of the main show. The following day is the main event where you will be feted to the likes of reggae, dance hall, blues, adult contemporary, to pop and soul at the Port Royal Entertainment Center.

There is a wide selection of local and international music icons that showcase their talents each year. You will not know who will be on this year’s line-up, unless you are there. The festivities will close with the thrills of jazz on the harbor, where you will be invited to unwind with good friends, good music, great food and excellent vibes.

Accommodations are available at the wonderful Morgan’s Harbor Hotel and Marina, however if rooms are not available at this location then you can book a room at any of Jamaica prestigious hotels, to include, the Jamaica Pegasus, the Courtleigh Suites of the Wyndham Kingston.
During your visit to Port Royal you can explore some of the many attractions such as the famous Giddy House; this former artillery storehouse for Fort Charles was tilted during an earthquake in 1907, and when you go inside it, the slant makes you a bit giddy, thus the name. Most of Port Royal was demolished in a major earthquake in 1692, when much of the town sunk to the depths of the sea.

You can dive to the depth of the sea to find many treasures beneath the waters, with the permission of the Jamaican authorities. A monument stands in Fort Charles showing where Jamaica’s first coconut tree stood. You may also wander through the dusty grounds of St Peter’s Church and the naval cemetery.

Although Port Royal was originally an island, it is now connected to the mainland by the Palisadoes highway, numbers of small beautiful cays are there to explore. Port Royal can be reached by car, but many visitors opt to ride the ferry instead, with scenic views of the Kingston harbor.