National Warri Festival of Antigua


October is just around the corner, and if you happen to be vacationing in Antigua, you can attend the National Warri Festival. Held during the entire month of October, this festival is Antigua’s national board game, which made its way to the island from the West Coast of Africa. Like many slave traditions, the game was seen as a threat and was driven underground by the Europeans. But have remarkably survived for many years for you to have at the Warri Festival.
National Warri Festival of Antigua

Warri is a game that refers to the hollows in a thick board made from island wood and carved into the shape of a fish. The pieces or counters, traditionally known as nickars are small nuts from the Guillandria bush. The game can be played with two or more people and the object is to capture 25 counters using your unique and physical skills. The game has achieved worldwide popularity and has been included in the Mind Sports Olympics in London.

The Antigua National Warri Festival is normally held in St John’s Multi-Purpose Cultural Centre. Located on the outskirts of St John’s, this cultural centre is strategically situated close to several hotels. There are many tournaments to enjoy, such as the Taxi Drivers Tournament, the Women International Warri Championship or the Antiguan Open International Warri Tournament. If you want to learn more about the game you can watch the drama No Seed, which is a story of power and deception that parallels a Warri game.

Antigua is a beach drench island that has a beach for every day of the year. After the festival find an ideal spot to relax and enjoy the scenic views of paradise.