Makka Pro Surf Contest in Jamaica


Makka Pro Surf Contest in JamaicaSurf’s up, the vibes is perfect for you to plunge into the beautiful waters at Makka Pro Surfing Contest.  Makka Surfing Beach at Southaven, Yallahs St. Thomas, is where one of the biggest surf events in Jamaican surf history is held. It’s an exciting event, as famous surfers from other Caribbean islands, South and North America come together on Jamaica’s east coast for an entertaining adventure.

Makka Pro Surf Contest brings together sport and community tourism for you to explore the unique setting in St Thomas. St Thomas is a lovely retreat parish on Jamaica’s landscape which showcases the natural and unspoilt beauty of the island warm culture. Surfing in Jamaica is now taking this adventurous sport to a level of greatness for surf travelers. The Makka Pro Surfing Contest takes place from July 15-17, as it shapes to be a grand event not to be miss.

Surfers will enjoy the Makka Pro Surfing Contest as they can compete in men's and women's open competition. Capture the thrills of riding the big waves in St. Thomas, while the pulsating beats of the island energize you to go further. The Makka Pro Surfing Contest also offers a festival to enjoy before and after the contest. You can attend the live stage show the night before the actual surfing contest, while children's rides and other attractions, like a fashion show is there to excite the event even more. Visit Jamaica and don't miss out on some extraordinary riding by the pros of surf.

After you had enjoyed the Makka Pro Surf Contest, explore laid-back St. Thomas and visit some of these amazing attractions. The old, yet impressive Morant Point Lighthouse that stands over 100 feet high and was built in 1841. Plunge into the cool waters of Reich Falls and be amazed by the 30-foot water fall with unique underground springs. Explore the parish capital of Morant Bay and view the Paul Bogle Statue in the heart of town or visit the 17th historic Stokes Hall with its gorgeous gardens. While the appealing Blue Mountain Peak beckons you to take a hike.

Jamaica enjoys a legacy of excellence in sporting activities and with Makka Pro Surfing Contest, you can partake in the wonders of surfing along Jamaica’s east coast.