Little Ochie Seafood Festival in Jamaica


Little Ochie Seafood Festival in JamaicaLittle Ochi on Jamaica’s south coast is a famous little Caribbean beauty that hosts the popular Little Ochie Seafood Festival. This event is where you will taste and enjoy the some of the best Jamaican seafood done in a variety of culinary styles. Take a visit to the small community of Alligator Pond on the outskirts of the parish of Manchester where it meets nature-filled St. Elizabeth to discover Little Ochi.

Little Ochi is one of the coolest spots to relax, dance and eat, when you want to get away from the bustling resort areas. Dress casually and head to this amazing beachfront festival as you sink your toes in the warm sands. Little Ochi Seafood Festival takes place at a fabulous restaurant that overlooks the black sandy shoreline of Jamaica’s south coast. Be prepared to bask in the laid-back surroundings while the savory aroma of lobster, shrimp, crab and fish served with steaming bammies, roasted breadfruit and festivals lures you to a delicious meal.

Little Ochi Seafood Festival is an annual festival that caters solely for seafood lovers. The seafood festival normally takes place on July 8th, with amazing festival celebrations. There is always fun activities of partying and games as the festival gets bigger and better with each passing year. Little Ochi Seafood Festival brings together a fun-filled day of dancing, swimming, eating, drinking as you let your hair down in the relaxing ambiance. This event is a whole-day affair which lasts well into the night when the greatest part of the festivities begins. Showcasing popular entertainers you might see and enjoy your favorite Jamaican artistes perform.

The tasty seafood is available in various types, as long as it is in season. Ranging from fried, steamed or roasted seafood, you can topple your choice meal with pickled onions, carrots and pepper in a vinaigrette sauce.  Cool drinks and beers are available to quench your thirst after eating a plate of mouthwatering seafood. Nevertheless, the occasion is well worth your time as the surrounding is rather exciting.

For great Jamaican seafood, visit Little Ochi Seafood Festival to sample amazing cuisines of the island. And if you are not able to enjoy the festival, you can visit this wonderful seaside restaurant any time of the year to relax in the beautiful, quiet character of Jamaica’s south coast.