Jamaica’s Reggae Film Festival


Jamaica-Reggae-Film-Festival The Reggae Film Festival recently started in Kingston, Jamaica. The event showcases a cinema for the evening screenings and opening house gala, with delicious meals being served daily. Although this event is only a few years old, it has seen some of the best reggae films from locals and some Caribbean nations. Each year the festival increase its exhibits to include reggae film entries from all over the world, ranging from alternative classics to world premiers, documentaries to short reggae films. This one week event is normally held at one of Jamaica’s premiere Kingston hotel, but tend to change its venue (please to contact the Jamaica Tourist Board for further information).

The Reggae Film Festival does not have a steady month for the event, but takes place between the months of February to May, where the film festival display reggae artiste such as, Leroy Sibbles, Bob Andy and John Holt, among others. The Reggae Film Festival also features full films, music videos from both Jamaican directors and international reggae filmmakers. The festival attracts creation from all over the world, as part of the growing Jamaican Film Industry. These films usually illustrate the cultural, history and music of this beautiful Caribbean, which has a great impact on the world at large.

In 2011 the Reggae Festival will be a part of the major cultural event in London, this brings plenty of exposure to the event and you will be able to see the best of reggae film and music and a bit of food at its best. With its dedication to highlighting Jamaica’s reggae culture through films, the Reggae Film Festival will celebrate two international milestones during the weeklong event for 2011.

The Reggae Film Festival, is one of the better ways to see, mingle and interact with the Jamaican people, as these films are made about Jamaica’s Reggae music and culture, many of them created by Jamaicans living and working outside the country, all for you to enjoy.