Jamaica Rock and Blues


Jamaica Rock and Blues Visit the island of Jamaica and enjoy culture, history and most of all their music. Since its modest beginnings Jamaica’s music has evolved much to the liking of visitors to itshores. At almost every turn you will find a radio playing different Jamaican tunes. With so much love for music Jamaican entertainers offer some of the most exciting music in the form of Rock and Blues. These musical genres started in the inner city by persons looking to find a better way of life. The rock and blues era in Jamaica was one of the melodies that young people of these areas created with plenty of excitement and vigor.

Both rock and blues are direct musical expression of their forerunner the reggae music, which is the most widely known and famous form of Jamaican music. The lyrics in these songs as mainly of political and social constraints, as well as an interesting feel to move your feet on the dance floor. All these musical expressions along with Ska, was Jamaica’s first musical genres.

Persons from all over the world have fall in love and is fascinated by Jamaican music, the rock steady and the lovers rock era is very similar to the Ska. With a slower rhythm and beat to it. Even though the rock steady era is a classic within its own right, you can still hear the tones in more recent musical expressions. While listening to Jamaican rock dance music, you will hear mostly the piano and guitar instrument, with a lesser sounding horn segment.

On the other hand lovers’ rock gives you a sweet and soulful melody to dance to. You can purchase a copy of any of the following albums and listen to the stunning Jamaican rock music. Boasting Jamaican entertainers like Bob Andy, Ken Boothe, Toots and the Maytals, the Wailers (for the lovers’ rock and rock steady era) and for the Jamaican blues you can listen to Gregory Isaacs, Freddie McGregor or Beres Hammond while rocking to the beats.

If you want to hear the heartbeat of the Jamaican people, listen to reggae music and when next in Jamaica visit the Rae Town Sunday night dances to experience the real Jamaican Rock and Blues music.