Jamaica Golf Classic


Jamaica Golf Classic It’s all here in Jamaica, and it’s no wonder why the magnificent game of golf is celebrated each year by putting together a great Golf Classic. Each year the island plays hosts to this tournament that draws players from international and local arena to display their skills on the lush green golf courses. Jamaica boasts plenty of world class golf courses to attract visitors to this island, where they do some golfing and swimming, eat golf or just golf around. Exploring a different championship golf course every day under the tropical sun is a delight for any golfer.

This annual golfing escapade is held each year during the month of May, for about a week, to the liking of leisure golfers and enthusiast alike, as this golfing competition provides another opportunity for the island’s unique character and personality to shine through. You can expect at the championships you will be feted with exciting and energetic games as each course each has its own distinct characteristic. Tee off at an 18-hole championship golf course that offers an invigorating experience for beginners and accomplished golfers alike.

The Jamaica Golf Classic is played on sculpted fairways and manicured greens which wander through forest green hills, among coconut palms and fruit trees, next to lily-padded ponds, down to the shoreline.

When next in Jamaica take a trip to Jamaica Golf Classic and you will be guarantee lots of entertainment, among other things. Each golfer receives individual attention from his or her own caddie, unlike busier golf locations where caddies may be serving one or two golfers at once.

Golfing on the island of Jamaica is a hassle-free activity that usually does not require reservations or advanced booking. Making a spontaneous decision to travel to Jamaica for the Golf Classic will leave you in awe.