Dominica Diving Festival


Dominica Diving FestivalThe island of Dominica holds a spectacular and unique marine environment which makes it perfect for the island’s annual Dive Fest. This exciting event aims to educate travelers about the thrilling sport of scuba diving, which is one of island's main attractions. Have lots of fun while enjoying this year dive fest which is scheduled for July 18th. Dominica Diving Festival is the longest running dive festival in the Caribbean that marks its 11th successive year of amazing fun in 2011. 

Dominica’s Dive Fest provides fun for you to enjoy the lively scenes of the island. Boasting thrilling events such as swim races, kayaking races, and Pwi Pwi races, you are bound to enjoy every bit of Dominica’s culture. However, the most popular of these races is the Carib Canoe Race, which is the grand finale of the diving fest. Join in the fun of a traditional Carib Canoe Race as the energetic beach BBQs and Jing Ping Ting parties create a day of pure excitement.

Enjoy this year’s dive fest with great food, with family and friends along the beautiful coast of Soufriere, while the pulsating rhythms of traditional Jing Ping music tempt you to move your feet. Along with these events, there is also plenty of exciting activities for non divers too. Partake in a wonderful wine and cheese sunset cruise, happy-hour dance or a traditional boat race around the bay for a stimulating whale watching experience. Of course, there's plenty of scuba diving, but most of all you able to get free diving lessons and discounted rates for making a real dive.

This 10-day event also allows you to experience underwater photo seminars, swim with the mermaids, partake in the creative photography workshops and attend the prize awards dinner on the final day. Don't miss the grand finale event of the Kubuli Carib Canoe Race in Soufriere, as it takes you from one end to other of this beautiful island.