Christmas Festival on Montserrat


Christmas Festival on Montserrat Montserrat is an island in the Caribbean that is filled with lots of lush tropical landscape and a vibrant culture of African and Irish traditions. During the Christmas season the island comes alive with many events and festivity, such as church fetes, or villages’ days. Montserrat is also known as the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean for rich Irish culture and is the only Caribbean island where the population for Irish is largely seen.

The Montserrat Christmas Festival in December is an event that features the artistic and creative talents of the Montserratians, blended with their diverse culinary art. Vacationers to the island are invited to enjoy these events to experience the culture of the locals, as the island comes alive with color, attractiveness and talent, which is not to be missed.

The Montserrat Christmas Festival begins in early December and concludes in early January. The festivities starts with a Parade of Troupes and Street Jam at Festival Village, Calypso Competitions begins in mid to late December, the Steel Pan Competition begins on December 20, while the Queen’s Pageant begins on December 26; and Christmas Jazz Show on December 29 all for you to enjoy.

Although the Christmas season in Montserrat is a time greatly for reflection and time to spend with friends and family, the Christmas festival tends to bring to light the creativity of the Montserratians people. Christmas time is a great time to visit Montserrat, as it brings together all the wonderful traditions of Montserrat without losing the fundamentals. The bright and colorful cultural art makes the festivals in the island a must see.

There is a host of other shows and events in Montserrat, from live band s to choral singing for you to enjoy. You will enjoy performance from the schools’ performing arts festival, string bands and steel bands as well as locally made art and crafts and local cuisines on sale. The church fêtes is an event you don’t want to miss, as this is a fair of plenty food and drinks, local products and crafts while being surrounded by the sounds of music and games.

When visiting Montserrat during the month of December, you need to visit the Montserrat Tourist Board for a festival program or ask your hotel for one. Travel to this island paradise for nature lovers, adventurers, which boast the magnificent Soufrière Hills Volcano.