Barbados International Film Festival


Film Festival Each year the beautiful island of Barbados comes alive with the Barbados International Film Festival in the month of December. This annual festival brings together the best in the world of cinema and international film culture. Providing the main showcase for the creative exhibition of the Caribbean and Latin America in independent film, Barbados International Film Festival is a masterpiece of excitement.

While films are mainly for entertainment purposes, this Film Festival introduces us to the different cultures, people and places that helps to create a worthwhile venture. Barbados International Film Festival also serves to educate, to break down barriers, and help people from all over the world to see and experience the unbelievable talents of the Caribbean people.

The Barbados International Film Festival is a gala of film, both in and out of competition, showcasing the very best of filmmakers and story-tellers on the island. The festival features a wealth of local and global, new and classic, festival film fare. The Barbados International Film Festival is also to be considered one of the leading festivals in the Caribbean with over ten years of existence. This event attracts many visitors to this stunning island to view and see the creativity of the Bajan people. The Barbados International Film Festival highlights the major films during the festival, of which most are produced in Barbados. This helps to improve the Barbadian film industry remarkably.

However, organizers are eager to see this event become one of the premier events of the Caribbean region to attend. With each passing year, the festival adds more exciting features, such as plenty of outdoor screenings, being able to meet and greet actors and to learn more about the history and culture of each film being exhibit. During the film festival, there’s lots of other event to enjoy such as the Music Video Fete, which transforms into the set of a music video where, everyone is treated like a star. The festival is hosted at many spectacular venues for you to enjoy great music outdoors in the natural beauty of this breathtaking island.

Visit the island of Barbados to enjoy and explore their culture and history when you attend the international film festival. For further information, contact the Barbados Tourist Board about the event.