Aruba Piano Festival


A delightful array of great performances that brings you closer to Aruba’s culture, the satisfying and unforgettable sounds of the piano playing at the 5th annual Aruba Piano Festival is one of the most captivating experiences to attend in the Caribbean. Featuring some of the Caribbean’s and the world’s most celebrated piano players, this festival is a fabulous event to attend as it will thrill you with exciting piano beats from September 24th to Oct 1st 2011.

A historic musical hallmark on Aruba’s landscape, this year the Aruba Piano Festival will be celebrating its first Lustrum of Musical Excellence. This means the festival will be offering an open-minded and diverse series of performances about the island’s rich musical past times. Showcasing exciting solo performances, a collection hall bands and a concert selection from violinist Alissa Margulis, conventional guitarist Marlon Titre, acclaim Yura Lee and piano whiz Harold Martina; you will be enthralled by the presentation of these musicians.

Piano © by t.spang

Be inspired as you join in the fun at one of Aruba’s most exciting festival in the capital city of Oranjestad. Besides the hall concert series, Aruba Piano Festival also creates an atmosphere that allows you to interact with the musicians and the music itself. Providing educational programs to promote this genre of music on the island, you will enjoy performances from the local youths. You will appreciate piano music, as the festival has develop an international character with its famous array of musicians and ground-breaking programs that exhibit fantastic hall music styles.

At the Aruba Piano Festival you will see amazing musicians, both old and new as they excite your ears with hall piano music. The Caribbean allure of Aruba along with its superb climate and tropical ambience provides a unique backdrop for the piano festival. An enchanting way to relax on the island as the splendid sounds of piano offers an unforgettable classical experience in the Caribbean.

The Aruba Piano Festival is also celebrated for its exceptional and creative ways of highlighting piano music in the Caribbean. Perhaps the most prominent music event to attend, the Aruba Piano Festival will stimulate you with its hall piano music styles blended with Caribbean flair.