Aruba International Film Festival in Aruba


Aruba International Film FestivalAruba International Film Festival is a 7-day event on the scenic island of Aruba. A popular talented event that exhibits the works of the locals and some Caribbean film artist, Aruba International Film Festival is a remarkable showcase of exciting films. With a refine and selective audience from around the world, you will enjoy the festival that normally begins in early to mid June. The happy island of Aruba will be hosting the second Annual ¬Aruba International Film Festival on June 10 to 16, 2011.  

As the island become enthused with vibrant scenes and amazing displays of films, the Aruba International Film Festival will showcase films from about 13 countries around the world. Featuring several international premieres and many local premieres, the Aruba International Film Festival aims to bond the international ¬film community with Aruba’s budding film industry. Aruba invites you to enjoy Aruban culture and talent from great ¬filmmakers and producers of the island.

The Aruba International Film Festival is a great success, as the professional ¬film community of the island gathers at the Paseo Herencia Entertainment Center to celebrate the fi¬nest in new and independent fi¬lms along with the incomparable beauty of the island. Throughout Aruba International Film Festival, you will see notable film professionals as they conduct classes on all aspects of filmmaking to the creative process. The film festival also selects films that reflect the cultural diversity of the island, as this is truly a great exciting festival that shows the love, passion and curiosity by the people of Aruba.

The film festival aims to be bigger and better with each passing year, as it will attract an array of extraordinary film produces and actors. With names like the legendary Richard Gere and the well-known Indian choreographer Longinus Fernande of Slumdog Millionaire, Aruba film festival will surely lure you to enjoy more of the island.

Visit this year Aruba International Film Festival and learn about the festival spotlight series, which was created to showcase film from Aruban and Caribbean filmmakers. Enjoy partaking in an active role during the filming of a movie, as the beautiful surroundings captivate your senses with a memorable week-long event.