Antigua Carnival


Antigua Carnival The island of Antigua invites you and your family to its annual 10-day festival of music, dance and excitement. Revel with the locals as you dance in the street marches to the pulsating beats of pan music. Antigua Carnival kicks-off around the last week in July to the first week in August, where you will enjoy the wide variety of shows which includes calypso, pan, and Carnival King and Queen Contest. 

The carnival season is the best time to visit Antigua to get a real insight into the culture of this Caribbean nation. You will understand the joy of the locals while the impulsive fun surrounds you. The Antigua Carnival takes place in the streets of St. Johns which is the island capital, and at Carnival City on the Antigua Recreation Grounds. Ensure you purchase tickets prior to enter the latter location.

Enjoy basking in the exciting atmosphere of the island as you party in the festival village. While there you can take rest or taste delicious Antiguan style BBQ chicken, fish and burgers directly from the grill. Freshly prepared juices are also available to quench your thirst after parting so hard. Back to the carnival happenings, during the days and nights of the Antigua Carnival, you will find yourself jumping to the sounds of the large music systems that are placed along the route of the celebration.

Do not wear your best outfit to this event because while you are reveling in the streets you will be sprayed with refreshing jolts of water. Also remember to bring along plenty of drinking water to properly hydrate the body. Antigua Carnival is an exhilarating event to have lots of island fun. Observe the lovely array of beautiful, colourful and uniquely designed costumes that are created especially for the carnival.

Be prepared for the finale of the celebrations, as the Antigua Carnival ends with a big bang where a huge street party called J’ouvert goes onto the wee hours of the morning.