Sapodilla Bay


Beautiful by nature, Sapodilla Bay delightfully sits on the southern coast of Providenciales, Turk and Caicos. Located about 1 ½ miles from Chalk Sound National Park, Sapodilla Bay is worth exploring for its spectacular beach that offer plenty of adventures to enjoy. Nicely adorned with luxurious resorts and hotels, Sapodilla Bay is where Caribbean vacations are exceptional. Vacations in Sapodilla Bay are great for families with small children as the beach creates a paradise where your kids can play in the warm sands and water.

Along the bay the powdery sands hugs the tranquil waters that invites you to enjoy your perfect Turks and Caicos holidays. The natural and alluring beauty of Sapodilla Bay also offers couples secluded spots to bask in the natural setting of this curvy bay. Sapodilla Bay provides a wonderful beach vacation option in the Caribbean as it offer a middle ground of being near to the heart of Provo while providing a unique spot to relax and enjoy Turks and Caicos.

Turks & Caicos© by ben.ramirez

Something uniquely special, Sapodilla Bay offers beautiful waters that is as calm and shallow as the pool. Great for snorkeling or jet-skiing along the beach, Sapodilla Bay is a tremendous choice if you want to be away from the hustle and bustle of resort areas in Turks and Caicos. Your amazing sunny spot in the Caribbean, Sapodilla Bay beams from the peninsula on Provo as it offers a cozy place in a serene spot while you soak up some sun, fun and island beauty. Watch the yachts go by while the calm waves rush to shore.

Fascinating to see, take a walk to the hills above Sapodilla Bay to view the names of sailors that were shipwrecked from the 1800’s, the names are creatively carved in a rock. To enjoy this incredible hot spot in Turk and Caicos, you can choose one of the luxury hotels on the beaches for a wonderful beach vacation.