The lovely islands of Trinidad and Tobago are the most southerly islands of the Lesser Antilles, in the Caribbean. Trinidad and Tobago is only a few miles from the coast of South America continent, and its climate is very similar to that land mass. The rainfall is well distributed throughout the year with a distinct wetter season from June to November. Trinidad and Tobago temperatures are a little higher than in other northern Caribbean Islands, being so far south the islands tend to be less affected by tropical storms, but if they do this will pass to the north of the island.

Trinidad and Tobago experience tropical temperatures that range from fair to very hot. The Trinidad climate is favorable stable due to the north eastern trade winds, although the temperature can reach a sweltering 84 degree Fahrenheit during daytime hours. While the nighttime temperatures will drop to a cool and comfortable 72 degree Fahrenheit. Tobago’s temperatures are somewhat cooler than Trinidad’s because it receives more of the trade winds breeze. And if you should travel to these islands do not worry about the temperatures changing too much because it rarely reaches 90 degrees Fahrenheit and temperatures rarely dip below 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Trinidad and Tobago have two seasons, namely summer and winter. These seasons are not as noticeable by differences in temperature. However, winter is slightly cooler. The islands experience more rain falls during winter months, which makes the temperatures on the islands cooler than during the drier summer months. The wet season is from June to December, while the dry season is from January to May, and this is perfect time to visit these islands.

You should visit the lovely islands of Trinidad and Tobago as the showers usually don’t last more than a couple of hours, and then the gorgeous Caribbean sun comes back out. When packing for your trip to the island do carry light weight linens and cottons, and also remember to wear plenty of bug repellent while enjoying the islands’ gorgeous outdoors. If you are looking for a hot time in a tropical paradise will enjoy soaking up the sun in stunning Trinidad and Tobago are both lovely vacation spots to visit any time of the year.

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