Tobago Museum


Tobago MuseumDiscover Scarborough and visit the spectacular Tobago Museum. The Tobago Museum gives you a glimpse into the island's early history, as the island has fought many amazing battles with the Spanish, Dutch, French and English. Now a thriving, bustling little island, the Tobago Museum offers you the opportunity to learn about the historical interest of the island.

Tobago Museum is situated in the Barrack Guard House of Fort King George, which overlooks the lovely city of Scarborough. Take a guided tour of the museum to view the remarkable displays of Amerindian artifacts, military relics, as well as documents from the island's colonial history. While on your Tobago vacation, the Tobago Museum is the best place to take a relaxing stroll around its pristine landscapes.

Tour the museum to get a sense of the island's history, as the museum exhibits tools, weapons, utensils, some unusual faces and animal figurines, from Tobago's earliest settlers. Most of these displays are as far back as 2500 B.C. Tobago Museum is a small museum with refreshing Atlantic sea breeze whistling through the windows.

After viewing the amazing pieces tour the lighthouse atop the fort to see the remains of the former Military Hospital that now houses the art gallery. With its displays of local art, you will enjoy the wonderful array of travelling exhibitions. Nearby is a perfect spot to sit under a cool tree, while the bulky cannons point out to sea. To your right the towering royal palms mark the spot where a broad driveway once stood. Just imagine the soldiers rushing to defend their territory in days gone by along this stretch.

Enjoy the view below of delightful Scarborough town as it sprawls over the hillsides down to the curves of the sparkling Buckley Bay.