Tobago – Windward Coast


Tobago – Windward CoastTobago’s winding Windward Coast takes you into the heart of the island countryside. As it bends and curves along the Atlantic shores and makes it way up and down through charming towns of Tobago. Enjoy the views as you discover Tobago’s Windward Coast with unique roadside parlors and interesting attractions along the way. 

Start your tour at lovely Hillsborough Bay and Hope Village as you cross the Hillsborough River to get a fabulous peek at the Atlantic Ocean. You might see crocodiles lounging on the river banks. Go a bit further to Mount St George, which is a hikers and birdwatchers paradise. Back on the coastal road, you will see the popular Barbados Bay that houses the island first British capital known as Georgetown. While there you can stroll around the market and buy fruits and vegetables.

Visit an old Taino Indian site at Studley Park Quarry or scenic Fort Granby which is actually a park with gazebos. This area is a lovely picnic spot and gives great lookouts to Smith’s Island. Along this stretch is Goodwood area, where exotic wildlife thrives at the Genesis Nature Park. Explore the on-site art gallery then move unto the beautiful 18th century Richmond Great House in Belle garden. This offers you a glance into Tobago’s cocoa and coconut plantation era. 

Beyond Belle Garden, is Tobago’s highest waterfall known as Argyle Waterfall. Take a great 15-minute hike up the amazing cascades then plunge into the refreshing pools below. Visit Louis D’or and Delaford area for a surprising vista at every corner which opens up to a fantastic view of the coconut tree scattered haven of King’s Bay. Stop at Speyside Town for adventurous diving spots, while the town provides a breathtaking view of Speyside Bay with its rough turquoise seas that leads to Goat Island and Little Tobago.

After all that exploration, you must recharge with mouthwatering foods at Jemma’s Treehouse Kitchen. This restaurant is built around a sea almond tree and serves tasty creole dishes daily. Do try the delicious breadfruit pie a popular hit.  After Speyside the road cuts inland where you will climb across to the north coast to enter Charlotteville and Flagstaff Hill. At the point you will see splendid views of St Giles, Melville Islands and London Bridge Rock.

Explore the fishing village of Charlotteville, with homes positioned on the hillsides as if they are about to fall, then make you way to the shimmering waters of Man o’ War Bay to see its fleet of pirogues and diving pelicans.

It is a fitting end to a wonderful scenery of Tobago’s Windward Coast, but don’t miss out on Pirate’s Bay just another 20-minutes drive from Charlotteville, it will be worth your time.