Rainbow Falls


Rainbow Falls The Rainbow Falls are situated in the lush tropical rainforest on the western area of Tobago. Take a 20 minutes hike through the forest and pass a small river to the area where the waterfall flows beautiful rays of colors. There are no guides available just a few people to point you in the right direction, so please to listen for the gushing waters. The falls appeal is worth a hike and offers great opportunities for photos.

The Rainbow Falls is an exceptionally gorgeous set of natural cascading waters, although it is not easily reached, the falls can be access through the Goldsborough Bay Road, where you will first bump into the old Cocoa House, from here, the waterfall is less than 30 minutes away, along a beautiful winding trail.

The area is very quiet, yet captivates your senses to the perfect spot for a relaxing day. The falls are about 328 feet high, with water running down its rocky path and ending into the Goldsborough River just beneath, creating the lovely rainbows colours, hence its name.

The waters from the falls leaps off of rocks up to 25 feet, causing a shower effect of spraying streams. It makes a very cool and invigorating pool to take a dip in. Each of the pools at the waterfalls is enjoyable to watch the clear waters cascading down the forest limestone cliffs while you swim.

A restaurant is very close by, should you feel a bit hungry. You’ll find this converted cocoa house that offers accommodation and a restaurant, a lovely spot to enjoy a laid-back vacation among pristine beauty.

You will have to pay a small fee to gain access the Rainbow Waterfalls, and two other waterfalls you might also consider visiting are the Castara Waterfalls and the Parlatuvier Waterfalls, while in Tobago