Pigeon Point


Pigeon Point On the northwestern coast of the island of Tobago lies Pigeon Point. Pigeon Point extends along the Bon Accord Lagoon and Buccoo Reef, where you can explore the coral reefs and enjoy snorkeling or scuba diving its waters.

This area most impressive attraction is the lovely beach. This beach is a favorite among the locals and will certainly please you on your visit. Spend the day lounging on the shore under the coconut trees or take a swim in the warm pretty waters.

Although, there are many remarkable attractions in Trinidad and Tobago, Pigeon Point is where the site of the Pigeon Point Heritage Park is located. This park boasts a number of attractions for you to enjoy. Even though Pigeon Point is certainly not secluded, it remains one of the best beaches in Tobago to visit. It is also the perfect choice for families or large groups on a beach vacation to the island.

Enjoy the water sport activities along the beach, as the amazing views of the Caribbean Seas tempt you to plunge in. Pigeon Point is one of the most unforgettable landmarks of Tobago with its small coconut trees providing shelter at the end of the pier.

Situated on a private coconut estate, there is a small admission fee to use of the beaches facilities. There is also a gift shop, snack shop and lively entertainment stands. Trips to the nearby Buccoo Reef can be arranged from there.

Being the most famous beach of the twin islands, Pigeon Point boasts a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy a day of tranquil surroundings. Take a post card picture of the coconuts trees leaning towards the sea and tell friends and family of how beautiful this attraction of Tobago really is.

If you’re looking for a chance to get away from it all, you can reward yourself with the off-beat path to Pigeon Point. With its fabulous white sandy beach grab a book and head to Pigeon Point for a enjoyable day.