Maracas Lookout


Maracas LookoutIf you are in Trinidad, you must visit the popular lookout spot known as Maracas Lookout. It is situated on the north side of the island and an hour's mountainous drive from the capital city of Port of Spain. Maracas Lookout is unlike any area you have ever seen on the island as it protects the amazing beach of Maracas.  It is one of the most well known area on the island of Trinidad and is regarded are one of the most scenic and beautiful spot to view.

The area is famous for its Bake and Shark huts, which provides the delicious Trinidadian dish of deep fried shark stuffed with a tasty batter, called Bake. Take a mountainous drive to Maracas Lookout as the breathtaking scenery, while you anticipate playing or swimming in the beautiful beach itself. On your way to the top of the lookout point, you will see a memorable view that stretches far beyond the Caribbean Sea. In addition, while you enjoy the view you can snack on the famous candies and mouthwatering preservatives of the island, from the nearby shops.

Maracas Lookout is for everyone to enjoy the stunning landscape and to take lovely pictures. To reach this amazing lookout spot, you will drive up the north coast en route to Maracas Bay or Las Cuevas Beach. Once you start to smell the clean and crisp air, you will know you are near the Maracas Lookout where you can rest for a while. Enjoy Maracas Lookout as the pleasant coconut vendors offer refreshing coconut water to cool you down.

The lookout also offers magnificent views of Port of Spain and its environs, as well as the northern range of Maracas Bay and Balata Bay. It's the perfect spot to buy hand-made jewelry and other keepsakes, and best of all, to enjoy calypso music. The scenic and unspoilt beauty of Maracas Lookout provides guesthouses and vacation homes that exist in harmony with the natural beauty of the area. Just imagine the lush tropical area with that provides a cradle for the many beaches and bays creating an atmosphere of tranquility and peace.

Maracas Lookout is a well-known spot and not to be missed on your next trip to the island. This stop offers a satisfying treat to snack on sweets while enjoying the splendid views. After viewing the best of Trinidad, make your way to Maracas Beach to spend some time along this gorgeous stretch of beach. Maracas Beach is great for surfers or if you prefer, you can just relax in the cool, inviting waters of the Caribbean Sea.