Galera Lighthouse & Family Park


Galera Lighthouse & Family Park The island of Trinidad invites you to visit the delightful settings of the Galera Lighthouse and Family Park. An intriguing place to explore while you enjoy the sights of this imposing historical landmark on the island. The perfect place to relax and experience a great island vacation in the town of Toco, Galera Lighthouse and Family Park is the ideal place to take the family away from the hustle and bustle of the busy resort areas. You will enjoy the sparkling surf and tropical scenes, as far as the eye can see.

Located in the laid-back town of Toco, Galera Lighthouse and Family Park is situated in the most northeasterly point on the island in St. David where the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet. This make the town of Toco the closest point in Trinidad to Tobago. The Galera Lighthouse and Family Park holds its historical significance and value to the island as it sits on Galera Point. It is one of the must visit sights of Toco that was built in 1897 while providing a beautiful park and picnic area.

The lighthouse stands tall on a cape overlooking the roaring waves of the Caribbean Sea. The lighthouse location is a wonderful sight to see on a clear day. The lighthouse natural setting will attract you with the extraordinary scenery and views. Open to the public daily, you and your family can enjoy a lovely picnic under the Caribbean sun, as admission is free.

Galera Lighthouse sits on a rocky place to see the thick quartz grits, which forms the rugged cliff. Galera Lighthouse and Family Park is also the place where the Orisha followers come to celebrates the popular Olukun Festival on February 21 every year. They normally start their voyage from Port of Spain lighthouse to the waters off Galera Point.

Explore the design of the lighthouse to see the letters VR and J which commemorate the 50th jubilee of Victoria Regina.

You can climb the steps of the lighthouse with the permission of the lighthouse keeper and once at the top you will enjoy the views of the surroundings. At the park and picnic area you will find many benches and picnic tables in shady spots. Take a nap under one of the almond or sea grape trees as the Caribbean breezes cools you down at this historical site.