Fort Milford


Fort Milford A small fortress perched on a peak that protrudes out to sea in Crown Point is known as Fort Milford awaits your visit. Fort Milford is situated at the end of the Milford Road, south-side of the island of Tobago. Built in 1777 by the British, Fort Milford houses a small beautiful garden, amazing 6 canons and a few cozy benches to watch the sun go down on Tobago’s soil.

A unique attraction to spend a few hours, Fort Milford overlooks the Caribbean Sea, as the calm surroundings provide scenic spots to enjoy a relaxing day in Crown Point. Not much remain of Fort Milford, but the landscape is beautifully maintained. Visiting the ruins of Fort Milford offers you a glimpse into the glory days of early Tobago British life. Explore the grounds of 18th century fortress, and view the imposing walls and cannons. Although the views and gardens are rather imposing, Fort Milford affords you peace of mind in Tobago serene environment. Open daily, to enter Fort Milford is free of cost.

Fort Milford is a stunning and enchanting fortress with amazing views of the sea and Tobago’s countryside. A great adventure for you and your family, Fort Milford attraction is one of the best ways to enjoy a tour Tobago. Simply stay at a fabulous hotel in Crown Point, such as Coco Reef Resort and ensure this attraction is part of your top things to do on the island.

Imagine sitting on a bench, as the cool Caribbean breeze hits your face and forces you to reflect deeply, while you welcome the simplicity of nature that really makes Fort Milford one of the most relaxing places in Tobago to visit. A cannon points at you, shows how a great fortress of defensive position on the water front helps to ward off attacks to the island.