Explore Fort King George


Fort King George In Trinidad and Tobago, there are plenty of attractions for you to visit and see; one of these is the ruins of Fort King George. Situated in the small and beautiful island of Tobago the Fort King George is perched on a hill that overlooks the capital city of Scarborough. However, there aren’t many well preserved historical attractions in Trinidad and Tobago, but if you are looking for an ideal one, then Fort King George is the place to go.

Fort King George is an 18th century fort that was built by the British army. The fort was named in honor of King George III, who reigned over Great Britain and Ireland from 1760 to 1820. The fort offers the best coastal views of the entire island of Tobago, and the Tobago Museum is located there also. Being the one of the best attractions on the island, the fort makes you imagine why the British built this fort.

Fort King George provides an excellent vantage point on the island and was easily accessible by British Troops. Before Fort King George fell into disrepair in 1854, the roof of its buildings were blown off by a terrible storm 1847. But today the fairly fresh-looking fort is a remarkable attraction for travelers.

Viewing the fort closely, the walls and some of its artifacts gives evidence to its age. Within the ruins you will see a military hospital, an officers’ mess hall, and a prison. Many of the cannons are nicely placed around the compound, with most of them facing the sea.

The main building at Fort King George to explore is the old guardhouse that was renovated into the fabulous Tobago Museum. The museum is a wonderful place to learn about the history of both islands, especially Tobago; amongst the exhibits are weapons, pre-Columbian artifacts, old maps and photographs, and that were discovered in the area.

No visit to Trinidad and Tobago would be complete without a trip to this historical site in Tobago, so you’ll want to set aside a few hours to enjoy this attraction.