Crown Point


Crown Point Tobago is a beautiful and vibrant Caribbean island that houses a gorgeous piece of landscape known as Crown Point. Crown Point is located at the westernmost point of Tobago and is about seven miles from Scarborough. Crown Point is also where the International Airport to Tobago is located. Store Bay, Fort Milford, Buccoo Reef, and Pigeon Point are some of the fabulous attractions of Crown Point.

Crown Point is a beach vacation paradise, as you will have numerous spots to enjoy an exciting day at the beach. A wonderful Caribbean hideaway, Crown Point is authentic Tobago flavor. Crown Point is perfect for singles, couples, families, nature lovers, bird lovers, divers, and golfers. Stay for a while and getaway in old-fashioned Caribbean hospitality, as you discover yourself in Tobago; well kept secret.

For your perfect Tobago holidays, Crown Point most popular beach, Store Bay is located a mere 10-minute, from the fabulous Royalton Casino. Travel another five miles to two of Crown Point’s prestigious golf courses and great diving sites. Amidst the culture, a variety of cuisines and the exciting festivals, Crown Point offers hotel accommodations of a charming, serene nature. From cozy studio units to luxury resorts, Crown Point is a delightful natural charm of Tobago’s countryside.

Right in the heart of Tobago’s tourist center, Crown Point’s serene and perfect surroundings provide a restful holiday. A relaxing ambiance in the heart of Caribbean, Crown Point invites you to taste mouth-watering dishes in an open-air garden restaurant. Savor Tobago’s local cuisine and enjoy every minute of your time on the island.

Feel free to indulge in any activity of your liking, visit the various hot spots and mix with the friendly locals. Stay as long as you want and enjoy the natural setting of Crown Point. Tobago has all the convenience to make your vacation full of memories, as it brings you closer to a sanctuary in the heart of Caribbean.