Brian Lara Promenade


Brian Lara PromenadeWhen visiting the Port of Spain Trinidad, you must visit the beautiful Brian Lara Promenade. Adjoin to the lovely Independence Square, the Brian Lara Promenade forms one of the best spots to explore on the island. This is a boulevard is named after the famous West Indian cricket player, Brian Lara who was born in Trinidad. It is located between Independence Square to the north and south of Port of-Spain.

This wide avenue of fun and excitement runs the width of the city centre of Trinidad, just north of the docks. It consists of two parallel streets, which is divided by a paved area. The unique settings of the benches with chess tables, makes it a popular after work hang-out spot for the locals. During the festival season, the promenade hosts free concerts and performances for you to enjoy vibrant island life. 

Brian Lara Promenade is the city’s most cherished public spot. A great place for sightseeing the best of Port of Spain attractions, as the western end of the promenade is dominated by the twin towers of the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago. Halfway down the boulevard, at the junction with Frederick Street, you will see the statue of Arthur Cipriani. He was a white French Creole who had served in the British West Indian Regiment during World War I.

Just east of the statue, is the amazing UCW Drag Brothers Mall, which boasts loads of wonderful shops. Go further east down the promenade, where you come to the magnificent Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. This twin-towered Gothic cathedral took sixteen years to build and was finally completed in 1836. The gorgeous blue metal stone and the ironwork frame of this cathedral will leave you in awe with its beauty.

The promenade comes to an end just east of the cathedral at Columbus Square, where many fast food restaurants offer refreshment and tasty foods. There are also street vendors that sell mouthwatering local food favorites as you bask in the wonderful atmosphere of the promenade.