Arnos Vale Waterwheel


Arnos Vale WaterwheelOver a 100 years old and still amazes travelers to the island with its beauty, Arnos Vale Waterwheel remains in a pristine and remarkable condition that was once a vital part of the sugar factory. Still in the same spot where it was created years ago, the Arnos Vale Waterwheel is situated on the northern side of Plymouth and features its own set of attractions. Attractions include a small museum, souvenir shop, restaurant, theatre and nature reserve, and a perfect area to see exotic birds.

The Arnos Vale Waterwheel was built in 1857, where the wheel was used to power the factory’s mill. Today the wheel is used as the masterpiece of the lovely nature park on which it sits. In addition to the wheel, the site displays crushing rollers, a chimney and steam engine, all of which are part of the history of the sugar mill. Stroll along the great nature trails and admire the nature beauty as you listen to the sweet sounds of the playful birds.

Arnos Vale Waterwheel symbolizes one of the best preserved examples of 18th and 19th century production in Tobago. Most of the materials used to make this waterwheel are made from natural supplies that are joined by covered wooden resources. The walkway allows you utmost view of the ruins without troubling nature.

Although the restaurant was build next to the remains of the sugar factory, no major damage was done to the heritage site; preserving it for future generations and visitors to enjoy. This waterwheel is a must see and is a beautiful illustration of an old sugar factory way of getting much needed energy.

While the artifacts are wonderfully preserved on this lush land, take in the ambiance, take some pictures, and paint colorful portrait of the surroundings as you dine in the fabulous setting of beauty and inspiring features.

When you visit the beautiful twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago, be sure to visit this spectacular heritage site while enjoy a delicious meal of shark ‘n bake at the restaurant.

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