Arima Dial


Arima Dial 1To commemorate the Golden Jubilee of the reign of Queen Victoria, Arima City was declared a royal borough which was the only one of its kind in the colonial Caribbean. With the emphasis on democracy the Arima Dial stands as the most famous landmark in Arima that symbolizes progress, development and independence for the natives.

Like many other regions in Trinidad, Arima is situated in north central Trinidad and has been, for more than a century, the most easterly settlement in the interior of Trinidad. Nestled at the foothills of the Northern Range, Arima serves as a hub for the neighbouring areas and only gateway to the eastern coastline.

It was given to the citizens of Arima by Mayor John Francis Wallen. This old-fashioned dial was so old that when it was installed, it took power from a stream that which ran through the town. However, this was changed in the 20th century to a computerized public address system which is controlled from the Town Hall. Arima city is best known for its rich cultural heritage, particularly its tradition of arts and crafts. It is also called the city of festival and feast on the island.

Placed in the centre of town at the corner of Broadway and Woodford Street, Arima Dial stands out. The dial chimes as it gives the people of Arima a sense of time, particularly at the start of a new day. This stylish clock stands on a tall majestic silver steel pole and base, but had its fair share of suffering. No longer chiming, the Dial is known nowadays more as a landmark than a timepiece.