Arima City


Arima City Arima City in Trinidad is one of the most popular places in Trinidad and Tobago after Port of Spain. Maintaining a high native community of Amerindians offspring, Arima City is deeply rooted into its rich heritage and vibrant culture.

The Amerindians moved to this location in the late 1700s, carefully preserving the culture and traditions, the city of Arima has a lot to tell its visitors. Nestled at the foothills of the Northern Range, Arima City is a main agriculture producing area for the islands. Located about 16 miles west of Port of Spain, Arima City offer travelers the unique island experience of traditional ways of living.

There are many places to visit and explore in Arima, such as the 18th century Santa Rosa Roman Catholic Church, which features the statue of the Virgin Mary that is known for crying tears of blood, a must see. Whether you believe this or not many persons find it fascinating to gaze at the statue hoping to see the tears of blood.

In the middle of the church is the showpiece for the feast of Santa Rosa de Lima, which takes place on the last Sunday in August. This event is a blend of Santa Rosa Carib community and Borough Day celebrations, so if you are visiting Arima during this time, it is good to book a room in advance.

Other attractions in Arima to visit are the beautiful milestone clock, which is known as the Arima Dial, due to its meek size, it still holds an inspiration gesture for the locals and visitors alike. Located in the heart of the Broadway area of the city, this clock is a masterpiece with great value.

The Santa Rosa Carib Centre is the primary place to learn about the city’s native history, you can view displays of creative artwork of the residents. Discover the Amerindians history and their way of life, as you stroll through the Cleaver Woods Recreation Park. A natural amusement area, which boasts a dried-grass house with pieces of artifacts inside. You can also enjoy the park’s walking trails to see the many beautiful plants.

Enjoy a day trip to Asa Wright Nature Centre, where you can do some hiking at the reserve or stay overnight at the lodge. This is the perfect place to do some bird watching in Trinidad, as the centre boasts some 150 bird species on its grounds, there is also a revitalizing fresh water pool where you can take a dip in.

When vacationing in Trinidad and Tobago, do visit the wonderful city of Arima and take pleasure in all its wonders.