Trinidad and Tobago is an island country in the southern Caribbean and are the two southernmost Caribbean islands. The country lies to the northeast of Venezuela and south of Grenada in the Lesser Antilles. Trinidad and Tobago are two separate islands merged together as one nation with each offering very different ambiances.
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Trinidad is the busier of the two islands, and its sophistication and ethnic mélange are a lot greater than that of any other southern Caribbean. Trinidad is also famous for its hiking, nature watching and heritage sites. Tobago is located some 20 miles northeast of Trinidad and is unlike her sister isle. The smaller isle is the home of the nation’s resorts and white sand beaches with calm waters, which offers many opportunities for you to enjoy snorkeling and diving. Tobago is gorgeous and prolific and almost every western European power fought to gain control of it.

Home of limbo dancing, carnival, Calypso and steel bands, Trinidad and Tobago unite the countless colors, ethnicities and cultures, which give this Caribbean country an air of universal fervor. Trendy Trinidad, home of the spirited capital Port of Spain, bordered by handsome lush green hills is the business hub of the oil-rich nation. Bazaars pile beneath the skyscrapers while mosques and cathedrals rub against each other. San Fernando is the second town of the island and is the primary commercial center of the south. The island is also home to the intriguing Pitch Lake, a 90-acre lake of asphalt, which perpetually renews itself.
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Trinidad has a colorful nightlife with many nightclubs and casinos with an urban feeling, especially in the capital, Port of Spain. Trinidad and Tobago also enjoy a tropical climate and feature lush, thick flora, which features several different species of bird. In fact, they are regarded to be a birders’ paradise. The nation also has one of the world’s oldest rainforest reserves.

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