Top 5 glamorous A-list Caribbean Destinations


Glamorous A-list Caribbean destinations are where you will catch a glimpse of celebrities on your Caribbean vacation. A-list Caribbean destinations showcase the islands of the Caribbean like they are worlds away for you to enjoy the romantic, luxurious setting and exceptional hideaways. Whether you are traveling with the family, as a couple or by your lonesome, these top 5 glamorous A-lists Caribbean destination awaits your arrival.

1. Gustavia, St Barts
Be astonished by St. Barts beauty which fulfill your every desire of a vacation in Caribbean paradise. Perfectly positioned among the Leeward Islands in northeastern Caribbean, St Bart’s scenery with of lovely restaurants, rolling hills that greet the commanding coastline is where the capital city Gustavia perfectly sits. This horse-shoe shape town is a beautiful haven that was once protected by stone forts. Gustavia is where 18th century Swedish décor is scattered around the town for you to revel in European flair under the Caribbean sun. Along the mountain sides are glamorous hotels and pretty resorts which borders the plethora of colorful foliage. From Gustavia, you can head to Saint-Jean then to Lorient for more island enchantment.

Gustavia Harbor © by Skazama

2. Caneel Bay, St. John
Situated within the Virgin Islands National Park on St. John, USVI, Caneel Bay perfect and unspoilt surroundings invites you to the ultimate luxury destination in the Caribbean. Caneel Bay is a beach vacation destination where 7 secluded beaches encircle the lush tropical settings while your choice of stay nicely blends with Caribbean allure. The perfect gateway to pure glamour and high life, this A-list hot spot is one of your choices when it comes to Caribbean destination that is A-listed.

St. John, USVI © by Bobby Padavick

3. Mustique
A private island haven for you to enjoy exotic Caribbean holidays in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Mustique is a 1,400-acre island which is passionately gorgeous. With rugged coastlines and dramatic beaches that hugs the beautiful blue waters, you can choose from 74 glamorous villas available to rent, 9 unspoilt to play with and the raw natural beauty that surrounds. This is where the lovely Cotton House hotel, the Firefly and the popular Basil’s Beach Bar is located. Relax and mingle in elegant colonial style rooms; order pillow menu while the staff unpack your luggage.

Mustique© by AlexGroundwater

4. Jumby Bay, Antigua
Soul -soothing Jumby Bay, Antigua is a glamorous 300-acre private Caribbean hideaway where you can play in serene enchantment. Located about 2-miles northeast of Antigua, this exclusive destination is a tropical bliss with its haven of lush landscape and royal palm trees that lined the soft white sandy beaches. The perfect secluded spot for couples to get away from it all, Jumby Bay is accessible only by boat. With sensational amenities and luxurious settings plunge into their all-inclusive ambiance to enjoy your fascinating Caribbean holiday.

5. Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos
Smooth and stylish with a touch of intimate surroundings, Parrot Cay in the Turks and Caicos Islands is where you can enjoy the secluded life without the busy resort town. Pamper yourself with Balinese spa treatment or spend the afternoon sipping tea while overlooking the refreshing stream. Parrot Cay gentle blends tropical nature on its 1000-acres of pristine beauty that stretches along its powdery beaches. Stay at Parrot Cay to experience the mesmerizing ambiance that fills you with Caribbean essence while you discover the unforgettable rhythms of relaxing days and cool nights.

Parrot Cay © by kerrycrow

Sensational Caribbean destinations, introduces you to theses unique islands with colonial towns and exotic spot where the beaches are peaceful and the island is filled with exciting culture and delicious cuisine.