Sulphur Springs Soufriere


Take a short drive from the heart of Soufriere to bask in the beauty of Sulphur Springs, St. Lucia. Due to its extraordinary natural pressure, Sulphur Springs is made of about 24 bubbly holes that offer a wonderful sight of this natural creation. Admire the water in the craters, as the iron sulphate blackens the water and reaches a temperature of 171° C. Sulphur Springs is a part of the famous Drive-In Volcano experience.

This bubbling phenomenon is where a portion of the volcanic rim collapses and opens part of the island’s crust to create a spectacular attraction. Enjoy your tour of Sulphur Springs, as you stand or walk along on the wooden boardwalk to get the best views of the crater. At Sulphur Springs you will see a stream that runs through the crater, and further below is where you can bathe in the hot springs to enjoy a relaxing natural spa treatment within the mud pools. Be careful as these pools are a bit hotter than the average hot bath.

Hot Bath © by ActiveSteve

Blessed with volcanic minerals which provide a healthy portion of amazing benefits, you will love this St. Lucian attraction as it offers a different realm of things to do on the island. Giving authentic therapeutic treatments, your skin and body will feel revitalize after your exploits of Sulphur Spring and its wonders. A drawback of this attraction is the strong scent of sulphur that sometimes can be unbearable to contain. But as long as you can endure the smell you will be thankful for its qualities.

Unzen Hot Springs © by mdid

Sulphur Springs is a great blend of iron, calcium oxide, copper oxide, carbon, magnesium and of course sulphur that is well worth your time to explore. You will love the sight of the melted rocks that helps to create amazing patterns when cooled. Visit Sulphur Springs to soak in the warm sulphuric pools for a soothing effect in this beautiful Caribbean island.