Rodney Bay


A place where natural beauty and magnificence holds no abound as the paradise appeal of St. Lucia lure you to the dreamy landscape of Rodney Bay. Spend a few days in Rodney Bay, which is located on the northwestern tip on the small yet beautiful St Lucia. Because of its location near to the island’s international airport, Rodney Bay receives a lot of visitors who want to enjoy the lovely Reduit Beach. Along this stretch of white sands are luxury resorts, delectable restaurants and bars.

Rodney Bay is actually an artificial lagoon which features a prized marina with various night clubs, hotels, cafes and restaurants. When you arrive at Rodney Bay, try the delicacies known as Coal Pot and Meat Rotis which is a delicious and favorite meal of the locals. Rodney Bay is truly an exceptional spot to enjoy the charming view of the island while the yacht sail pass. Being snuggled on St. Lucia’s north side, Rodney Bay is the ideal place to start your sailing tour of the island’s coastline. While there you will see many yacht docked along the marina waiting to take you on an exciting boat ride.

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Rodney Bay also offers excellent accommodation options in its beautiful haven. Boasting a wide range of attractions in a casual setting within easy access, Rodney Bay will complement your stay with loads of fun water sports, such as kayaking, snorkel or playing volleyball on the beach. You can climb aboard the brig Unicorn in Rodney Bay that was used in the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean and imagine you are a pirate. From this point you can also admire the beauty of the island west coast from the decks.

Saint Lucia Day 2 (Feb 3, 2011) (14) © by missmeng

Rodney Bay is ideally the perfect yachting destination in St. Lucia. So, visit the island and be captivated by this wonderful landscape that provides all you need for your beach or sailing vacation to St. Lucia.