Marigot Bay


When you think of tropical paradise, Marigot Bay in St. Lucia is where nature allows you to bask in the natural beauty which is toppled with breathtaking views of the sea, making it a truly unique island setting. Situated on the western coast on the island, Marigot Bay is located southwest from Castries. Surrounded by towering hilly terrains on all sides, Marigot Bay is a famous landmark, where many battles were fought over the island. Marigot Bay is a unique cove that gently hugs St. Lucia’s hillside while you listen to the waves rushing to the shoreline.

If you have read the book Doctor Doolittle by Hugh Lofting, this is where he adapted the scenes, as it is filled with amazing wildlife. Regarded as one of the most gorgeous bays in the region, Marigot Bay is where you can spend your days in St. Lucia just relaxing on the stunning beaches, swim, snorkel or kayak down the nearby river. Take a guided tour in the rainforest to admire the exciting creatures and flora and fauna with the forest. Or you may find a secluded spot to settle with a good book on Marigot Bay.


The perfect spot for total relaxation to reenergize you body and soul, you can also enjoy offshore diving or receive a sensuous massage you r choice of luxurious resorts in Marigot Bay. There are exceptional resorts, restaurant, and gift shops in Marigot Bay that offer fabulous views of this scenic bay. Without doubt you must bring your camera along to capture the clear and wonderful views of the bay while the sailing yachts and the golden sunsets serenade you with beauty.

St. Lucia, Feb 1979 - 10 © by Ed Yourdon

Shipwreck © by keith011764

Stay in Marigot Bay on your next trip to enchanting St. Lucia; choose one of the adorable hotels that will provide charming and spacious rooms. Take in the allure of this spectacular destination as the tropical gardens embraces the bay with a warm and romantic setting in the Caribbean.