Horseback Riding in St. Lucia


Not interested in the usual beautiful beaches of the Caribbean or maybe you are looking for a great way to discover the uniqueness of St. Lucia. Take an exciting horseback riding on the island that offers a wonderful option for you to bask in the breathtaking beauty of the island. On your horseback riding tour will be able to capture the winding trails that take you along the scenic beaches and stunning mountain landscape.

The character of the island is one where the lush rainforest allows you to enjoy a horseback riding trip to see the varied land structure with all its wonders. Offering you an assortment of trail to have fun with, you will enjoy the riding trail from Pigeon Point and Fort Rodney. Along these vibrant trails, you will ride through secluded beaches as it takes you along charming landscape of pure serenity.

Enjoy sprinting along a stretch of beach on the island’s Atlantic shoreline, as the cool sea breeze whips your hair with eager along this inspiring trail. Discover the all parts of the island when you go horseback riding, as some areas of St. Lucia is too rocky to explore by foot or vehicle. You will also enjoy the sights as you ride along the breathtaking paths that lead you to the captivating attractions in Anse Chastenet.

Horseback Ride up Los Cerros: Estancia Dos Lunas © by longhorndave

An enriching experience with informative stories along the way, your horseback riding tour is creatively put together if you are a beginner or experienced rider. This means that all your dreams of horse backing riding on the island will amazingly turn into reality. Not only will you enjoy horseback riding in St. Lucia, but you can stop along the way to swim or snorkel on the beautiful beaches.

This is a positive way to experience the best of what St. Lucia has to offer. Ride into the golden sunset on a romantic tour as you capture the unforgettable moments of the island on an adventurous horseback riding tour.