Surf in Rincón


Surf in Rincón Discover surfing in Rincón, Puerto Rico. The town of Rincón means corner in Spanish, hence this is a perfect way to describe its location of being nestled in the northwestern corner of Puerto Rico. The water surrounding the town of Rincón is where the Atlantic Ocean joins the beautiful Caribbean Sea, which makes it a surfer’s paradise.

The town of Rincón was made famous for its high waves and an ideal spot for your winter vacation. Even though surfing in Rincón is perfect for the winter months; the summer months tend to be a drag as the tides are at their lowest hence the waves barely heightens. During this season, the wild surf calms down to form friendly, secluded beach where you can enjoy snorkeling.

While Rincón is a small town, you may glimpse many celebrities who come to this island for the action. The northern part of the town is where you will enjoy secluded beaches and amazing views of beautiful sunsets. The downtown and southern area is filled with traditional plazas to wonderful swimming beaches.

Take a surfing vacation to Puerto Rico and visit the town of Rincón and enjoy the waves as you partake in annual surfing competitions, such as world championships and masters’ series. Ride the waves and enjoy surfing in one of the Caribbean’s leading surfing areas.

The main surfing beaches in Rincón are the Porta Del Sol, Tres Palmas, and the Domes. All of these beaches are positioned on an untamed and natural coastline, known as Sunset Coast. During peak surf seasons, the waves can range from 2 to 30 feet, depending on the strength of the current. With this in mind, it’s no wonder why this town is a favorite among surfers from all over the globe.

Each of these beaches as a flavor of its own; for example the Domes Beach once hold a nuclear shaped dome reactor; while the Tres Palmas Beach features reef steps on the outskirts of the surf break. The Porta Del Sol Beach, on the other hand, is the mother of all surfing beaches in Rincón. Rincón’s beaches tend to be a bit moody at times but when the waves start to reach their maximum heights you know it’s time to hit the waters.

Due to this combination of waters, surfing in Rincón will give you great waves of gushing waters to play in. A perfect location that creates some of the best surfing waves in the world when the currents of both water bodies’ clashes; especially during the months of October to April. Take trip to this part of the island and discover why the water is so lovely to surf in.

Enjoy natural beauty that extends for miles and miles on riding the waves; after you may relax on the beach to see another reason why this town is famous; its golden sunsets. Once you discover this time unique island fascination on the corner of Puerto Rico landscape; the town of Rincón will surely have you begging for more.