Vieques Biobay


Vieques Biobay The Vieques Bioluminescent Bay in city of Vieques, Puerto Rico is a must see when you are in the Caribbean. The bay offers a once in a lifetime experience which draws you to one of the most amazing remaining bioluminescent bays in the world. The Bio Bay’s luminescence makes it hard to photograph, but it is fabulous and must be seen to be cherished. Once in the water any movement will glow in the dark; so it is best to go there on a moonless night.

Visit the bay on a moonless night or when there is little light and enjoy kayaking through the mangrove trees unto Mosquito Bay and Vieques Island areas, and you might amazed at all the natural beauty that beholds your eyes. You will notice that your fingers glowing in the green waters as you gently glide through. Dive in and see your own body sparkles in the black night. By this, you will understand why the Vieques Biobay is one of the most astonishing attractions in Puerto Rico to enjoy.

Vieques Biobay has a very slight opening to the sea, which offers superb protection from winds and tides and lets the din flagellates sparkle in the warm waters. Vieques Biobay has been preserved and protected; and motor boats are not allowed in these waters. This wonderful experience, offers you the chance to swim and see fishes appearing like streaks of lightning, surely a stunningly, ghostly experience.

There are only two ways to enter the biobay by kayaking or by an electric pontoon boat. The kayak ride is a great way to see the bay in all its glory, but if you do not have the stomach for it, the pontoon boat is a much more relaxed way to visit the bay.

Try to go to the Vieques Bioluminescent Bay when it’s a new moon. And if the rains should come the raindrops on the water will look like emeralds skipping along the surface.