Top 5 Attractions Puerto Rico


Top 5 Attractions Puerto Rico Explore the tropical island of Puerto Rico and find interesting hideaways, miles of white sandy beaches, mountains and valleys, among many other natural wonders. In addition to the natural splendors, visitors to the island can revel in the warm and friendly Puerto Ricans that are eager to help.

A truly outstanding and exceptional island, Puerto Rico is blessed with remarkable landscape features that reward the senses with alluring attractions. There are many beautiful attractions to see in Puerto Rico, but among these are the top 5 that take the cake.

Puerto Rico culture, cuisines, people and natural beauty help to create a world of magnificence in the Caribbean. Let us explore the top 5 attractions for you to enjoy on the island:

El Morro Fort and Old San Juan: A World Heritage Site and the historical connection to the colonial era of San Juan. These two lovely attractions possess over 400 years of beauty and historical facts. Take a tour to the six level fortress and stroll through the military quarters that was the main look-out for incoming attacks.

Cross the dry the moat and walk across the Field of Fire; imagine being in the midst of Spanish warfare, as you view the large open areas of the grounds. There is so much to see at El Morro attraction; you need to visit the island to further explore its wonders.

Wander through the city capital of San Juan to see the various attractions, from the famous Bacardi Rum Plant to the incredible museums and galleries. You will find yourselves in some of the most astonishing architecture buildings that makes you think you are back in time, enjoy.

Oh the amazing El Yunque Forest, awaits your visit as the “Forest of Clouds” dominates the mountainous regions of Puerto Rico. El Yunque is about 28,000 acres of rainforest, with wonderful hiking trails winding through the dense forest. See many of Puerto Rico’s endangered species like the green parrot. Travel deep within the forest to view the natural habitat of the Luquillo Mountains. Get a glimpse of how the native Taíno Indians lived within these forests areas. Take a dip in the cool waters of the gorgeous cascading waterfalls and pools. The lush surroundings invigorates the mind as everywhere you look, there are flora and fauna to see. El Toro is the tallest peak in El Yunque forest, which is home to much rare wildlife also.

Go below the surface a bit and be dazzled by the Camuy Caves and Arecibo Observatory attractions. The Camuy Caves is a set of bottomless caves, while the Arecibo Observatory houses the world’s largest single-dish radio telescope. Situated in the northwest mountains of the island, these attractions provide an adventure to last a lifetime. Start at the Río Camuy Cave Park and enjoy rides on tubes through the watery caves.

A guided tour through the caves takes you through to the edge of 600 feet plunge, as well as an underground river. Stare through the large telescope to the amazing star structure under the tropical skies at the Arecibo Observatory. The area also houses a cafe, gift shop, walking trails, picnic area, exhibition hall, and theater for an exciting trip.

Venture offshore to the beautiful Bioluminescent Bay: Lying east region of Puerto Rico, the Vieques Bioluminescent Bay is a must visit during a moonless night. Offering an exciting experience in the dark of the night, this Bioluminescent Bay draws visitors to one of the most marvelous remaining bioluminescent bays in the world. A wonderful place to cherish, take a dip in the waters and see your body glow in the dark.

Visit Culebra and Vieques Isles. These are two islands are located off the eastern shore of Puerto Rico. Boasting stunning beaches and providing a great option for a relaxing day, these island makes you want to spend your days in Puerto Rico there.

Culebra Isle is a dry but a lovely island, meaning it has no rivers or streams to enjoy just the beaches. But in contrast of not having inland waters, the sparkling clear waters of the beach are so amazing you quickly forget there are no running streams. Amazingly, Culebra Isle is wildlife protected as this is the nesting area for the leatherback turtles and Culebra giant anole.

While the enchanting Vieques Isle is great for exciting water sport activities, such as snorkeling, diving or jet skiing. The unspoilt beauty of Vieques is noticeable from the time you see it from the air. With a perfect temperature all year round, visitors can enjoy the abundance of white sandy beaches; restaurants that are open-air and casual, also great shopping experiences.

Vieques Isle is also the home of El Fortin Condé de Mirasól, which is the last Spanish fort, built in the New World. Recently restored, this fort houses a lovely museum to explore and learn about Vieques rich history.

You can walk through many of the attractions in Puerto Rico. Sink your toes in the golden sands along the beach and watch the beautiful sunsets over the Puerto Rican horizon, as the views transports you to another dimension.