Plaza de las Delicias


An attractive and the leading entertaining square in the city of Ponce, Plaza de las Delicias is a remarkable place to explore as it boasts a fountain with alluring symbols of the city. Settled in the Plaza of Delights is the vibrant Parque de Bombas, as the square is divided into two. Actually a landmark that houses the Plaza Munoz and the Plaza Degetau at either end, the Plaza of Delights provides the ideal setting to start your adventures in this Puerto Rican city.
Plaza of delights

Located in the heart of the city’s historical zone, Plaza Las Delicias is surrounded by the grand creation of famous building to include the Teatro Foc Delicias, the Ponce City Hall and the lovely Armstrong Poventud home. Dating back to early colonial era of 1670, Plaza Las Delicias is seen as the soul of Ponce with its many landmarks and magnificent Cathedral Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe.

Enjoy your exploits within the Plaza of Delights as you see the sights of Plaza Luis Muñoz Rivera, which features the celebrated first governor of the city. While on the other end, Plaza Federico Degetau holds a statue of the legendary composer Juan Morel Campos. Step inside Parque de Bombas to view its antique décor as the bright red and black exterior highlights the vibrancy of the plaza. Make your trip to the island unforgettable and your exploration of Ponce worthy while being reminded of the city’s incredible attractions. This is the place to relax and unwind in Ponce as the Plaza of Delights will charm you with its colorful sights and mesmerizing landmarks.

Wander through the plaza any time of the day to learn about the beautiful city of Ponce and to enjoy visiting the many different bakeries, see the locals going to church or to view the grand Fuente de Leones, otherwise called the Fountain of Lions. This is the most captivating spot in the plaza especially at nights as it is filled with stunning lights and cool spots to sit and enjoy the scenery. These stone lions have waterspouts, which also makes it the ideal spot for you to take photos and meet friends.

Marvel at the beautiful architectural designs as you stroll through the streets surrounding the plaza. There are many great hotels that offer unique and comfortable stays nearby, so you won’t be far from one of Ponce most amazing attractions to see.