Museo Nuestras Raíces Africanas


Museo Nuestras Raíces AfricanasThe best artifacts of African culture await your discoveries at Museo Nuestras Raíces Africanas in Puerto Rico. Situated along San Sebastián Street in Plaza San José, Museo Nuestras Raíces Africanas is a devoted museum that allows you to explore West Africa’s cultural influences on the island. There are nine exhibit halls that reveal historical artifacts in an orderly range as you walk through the displays. Visit the museum to learn about the relationship between the African and the Spanish.

History buffs will love the main exhibition hall which imitates the experience of slaves being brought into Puerto Rico by ships. Enlighten the mind with one of the island’s oldest colonial residences, as you explore the displays of this museum. The African Heritage Museum is where culture and timeless pieces come together to showcase its fascinating range of wonderful African contributions to Puerto Rico's history and culture.

Even though the museum is small to explore, you can stroll around the exhibition halls to view the remarkable items. From the assorted masks to literature displays and sculptures, all have intriguing connections between Puerto Rico and Western Africa. Situated within the Casa Del Contrefueras, this museum also provides records of African contributions to the sociology of Puerto Rico rich life. During your tour you will find a series of beautifully approved art objects, such as carved African drums, graphics, and maps that show the migratory route of the slaves.

Museo Nuestras Raices Africanas also displays graphic description of the horrific disorder to families and individuals caused by the slave trade during the plantation era. After touring the museum, you will be taken on an exciting shuttle ride to the town of Loiza. While there you will enjoy the traditional African and Taino folk art and music. Enter the Loiza Cultural Center for an orientation about the town’s African history and culture. Then visit the St. Patrick’s Church, to see one the island’s oldest and most stunning churches.

Purchase lunch from shop stands along the avenue to taste the unique cuisines of Loiza, and then shop for lovely hand-made crafts made by local artisans.