Islas Bonitas: Vieques and Culebra


Perfect Spanish Virgin Islands which lies off the coast of Puerto Rico beckons you to take a captivating trip to the Islas Bonitas Vieques and Culebra for an unforgettable vacation in the Caribbean. Isla de Vieques is an island northeastern of Puerto Rico that remains bedded in rich Spanish history. On the other hand, Isla Culebra otherwise called Snake Island is situated about 17 miles east of Puerto Rico landscape and north of Vieques.

Isla de Vieques is a small island that has two towns, Isabel Segunda on the northern side and Esperanza on the southern tip. Nicknamed Isla Nena for its unique and petite size this alluring beauty of Puerto Rico, Vieques is best known for its series of protests against the United States Navy, which use the island as a bombing range and testing ground, they eventually left in 2003. But, today the island teems with amazing wildlife and gorgeous beaches to enjoy a beach vacation with a difference in the Caribbean.

Vieques Beach © by Sam Blackman

Enjoy visiting Red Beach, Blue Beach or Green Beach to name a few. These beaches are top choices when in Puerto Rico, the soft sands and the turquoise waters is where you want to spend your days just lyming on the beach. Swim, snorkel or scuba dive in clear and inviting waters or discover the tropical and exotic foliage that surrounds the island. Explore Caribbean paradise as it was meant to be as you stroll through the captivating landscape of pure tropical bliss.

Discover the hidden gems of Isla Culebra which is the smaller of the two. Boasting a healthy Spanish Virgin Island, this magical isle offers you pristine waters to view its stunning and unspoilt coral reefs, the deserted landscape with powdery sand beaches and a wildlife preserve with untouched beauty. Culebra awaits your visit for you to explore its wonders, friendly locals and its unique settings. On the isle the romantic ambiance sets the mood for couples who want to get away from it all to unlock the attractiveness of the island.

culebra © by Thejas

Culebra is very dry with no rivers or streams, and for this reason the beaches all have crystal clear waters with visibility up to 60-feet deep. Plunge into the water to see the endangered leatherback turtle and Culebra giant anole that make the isle their home. Culebra is more peaceful and serene than Vieques, as it offers the perfect destination for pure relaxation and comfort.

Both isles are accessible from San Juan by air or sea; there are few accommodation options on Vieques, such Bahia Marina Condo Resort. While on Culebra the rustic accommodation setting are mainly found in the town that are amazingly comfortable, such as Mamacitas Guest House.

IMG_5360 © by crosathorian

These quiet, unspoiled Spanish isles have little to offer in nightly activities, but you can take walks along the shore under the moonlight Caribbean skies while the sound of guitar music enhances your mood.