Exploring Mona Island


Mona Island is fabulous place to explore, especially for snorkelers. With its amazing clear waters at Playa Carmelita, as the beautiful corals beckon you to explore its natural reserve or tropical fish and other marine life. Situated off the coast of Puerto Rico, Mona Island is the third largest island after Vieques sited along the Mona Passage in the Caribbean.

Mona Island is a spectacular isle to spend a few hours from the busy resort towns on Puerto Rico. This flat plateau surrounded by dazzling cliffs is where you and your family and friends can spend a day just relaxing or discovering the wonders that the island holds. While there do some fun water sports as you explore this hot spot with gorgeous reefs, clear and enjoyable waters.

A treasure left untouched, is where you can explore the natural settings to discover amazing types of animals to, especially the Mona iguana. While exploring on land, you will see these iguanas roaming about on the island as they entertain you with their antics. You will also admire many exotic bids which nests on this beautiful landscape. Beneath the waters, you might be lucky to catch a glimpse of dolphins or humpback whales and nestled among the flawless mangroves are stunning corals where the sea turtles swim freely.

There are no hotels on Mona Island, but you can stay overnight by camping out. This type of fun adventure is only allowed on the beach on weekends, particularly in the hunting season. Puerto Rico is known for its pristine beaches and amazing resorts, but what you don’t get to experience are the unspoilt natural wonders surrounding this Caribbean island. Next time you are visiting hop a boat from Mayaguez or Cabo Rojo which will take you to marvelous Mona Island. Spend as much time there as possible because it’s a long boat ride to the island.