El Yunque


El Yunque The El Yunque or Caribbean National Forest is home to the only tropical rainforest in the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. About a two hour drive from San Juan, this flourishing, mountainous landscape is far from the city’s beaches and resorts. But you can go there to walk among the rainforest’s abundant flora; to hike along one of the many trails ranging from difficult climbs to easy walks; or just dive under the cool waterfalls.

El Yunque gets its name from an Indian spirit called Yuquiye, which means “Forest of Clouds”, which usually covers the area. Boasting about 28,000 acres of rainforest, with well maintained hiking trails winding through the landscape for you to trek through easily, El Yunque is where you can get perfect peeks of the island beauty.

Filled with an abundant of Puerto Rico’s endangered green parrot, this Puerto Rican parrot is tiny Amazon parrot, about a foot long with bright green color, a red forehead, and blue wing feathers. All El Yunque is home to more than 60 types of birds and about 230 species of trees, not to mention the ferns, impatiens, and other tropical blooms. Its main attraction is the lovely cascading waterfalls.

Visit any or all of the amazing waterfalls and enjoy refreshing dips in this perfect atmosphere. The lush forest areas of green and beautiful flowers invite you to explore more of this wonderful attraction. The orchids and bromeliads perched on the trees offers a relaxing mood of tranquil settings.

Although the Taíno Indians once called this area their home, it has not changed much, as the El Yunque holds a sacred mountain in the Luquillo mountain range. With many Taíno Indians artifacts are scattered throughout this area, nature buffs will enjoy discovering the wondrs of the El Yunque. Go a bit further through the rainforest and explore the El Toro, which is the tallest peak in this forest, with its many range of rare wildlife.

A quiet place to hike or camp-out amidst natural beauty, El Yunque can also be muddy at times as the rainforest receive plenty of rainfall throughout the year. Large trees with huge leaves provide shelter from unexpected rainfall, while the huge trunks provide amazing hideaways to plays among.

The El Yunque is the rainiest of all the National Forests with billions of gallons of rain falling per year, but do not let this deter you from visiting this attraction in Puerto Rico, as the climate enjoyable among the diverse ranges from moisture to semi-desert conditions.