Culebrita Isle


Culebrita Isle Situated about nineteen miles east of Puerto Rico are the smallest of the inhabited Spanish Virgin Islands known as the beautiful Culebrita Isle. This seven miles long islet spreads over 3 miles wide. Tiny yet full of interesting happenings, Culebrita Isle is one of the main attractions of Puerto Rico’s eastern coast, which boasts the remarkable Flamenco Beach.

With its unspoiled beauty and man-made lighthouse, Culebrita Isle is a place to spend a day relaxing with the family. Along the western beach is a long stretch of sand dunes that cuddles the coastline with waters of several shades of blue. Perfect for snorkeling and sunbathing Culebrita Isle provides the ideal spot away from the city. The Culebrita Reef is on the southern side of the island and the isle’s main attraction Playa Tortuga, is a picture-perfect curve of sand loved by both nesting turtles and travelers.

Culebrita Isle is a waterless island, meaning there are no rivers or streams, but their water sources come from the city of Vieques. Because of the lack of streams and rivers, Culebrita Isle boasts sparkling clear sea waters. Culebrita Isle is a protected island where wildlife make home; famous nesting area for numerous seabirds, as well as the endangered leatherback turtles and Culebra giant anole. Tropical fishes and other sea life are plentiful, as the depths rarely exceed one hundred feet.

Culebrita Isle is not populated and the small number of residents is very friendly and caring. However, this quiet and beautiful landscape has little night activity to offer. Very safe to walk along beach especially on a moonlit night, you can enjoy the sounds of the Spanish music playing in the back ground. You can also enjoy scuba diving around Culebrita Isle to view the exceptional hard and soft corals that are plentiful in the shallows waters, with splendid reefs which surround the island.

Culebrita Isle is easy to get to from San Juan by air or sea, and can be visited all year round.