Cathedral de la Guadalupe


Cathedral de la GuadalupeThe Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe anchors the historical city of Ponce, Puerto Rico. This beautiful and amazing cathedral stands in the central plaza of Ponce among gorgeous fountains and lovely landscapes. The cathedral is situated in the heart of the Plaza Las Delicias which divides the square into two.  It was built in 1670 as a chapel and later a pastoral chapel. However in 1692, the founding fathers of the City of Our Lady of Guadalupe de Ponce and the chapel raised a parish, hence the chapel was pronounced a cathedral to serves the entire city.

After a great earthquake in 1918, Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe was completely remodeled to its existing beauty and flair. Because of its location in the heart of Ponce historical area, the cathedral holds many remarkable significance, one of which is the National Register of Historic Places to visit. Explore the city of Ponce as the cathedral stands out among most of Puerto Rico's cathedrals for its elaborate design and attractiveness.

Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe is designed in neoclassical style that allows you to explore all aspects of its structure while you wonder in awe. There are two small chapels within its interior as the three storey squared towers beautify the front facade. The cathedral sits in the middle of the Ponce's central square sloping east-to-west, with its front entrance facing west. While the Plaza Muñoz Rivera and Plaza Degetau with low rolling walls lines the cathedral's northern and southern sides. Directly behind the cathedral, to the east, is the momentous fire house known as Parque de Bombas.

The cathedral exterior architecture is mostly colonial and Gothic as the current structure is larger than it original structure. The cathedral covers an area of 2,960 square meters as the outer walls are painted in pale blue and gray with stained glass windows that depicts a religious scene worth exploring. Step into the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe as it allows you to look east towards the altar, while the beautiful nave, arcades and cross vaulted ceiling tells the tales of a wonderful place of worship since its existence. Walk along the path of the cathedral’s stately floors as it features a large dome at the crossing that consists of eight bays plus an amazing apse.

The westernmost foyer is actually a second level choir loft where you can climb the wooden stairway to enjoy the beautiful views of the city Ponce. Take a closer look at the cathedral's main altar with its wooden gothic style and bask in the amusing details of a grand church. Entry to the cathedral is through a tall pair of wooden doors that resembles church doors of Middle Aged Europe. The two round columns at each side offer a rectangular wooden window to peep through.

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe hosts an annual event known as Las Mañanitas. This event is a powerful affair where you can enjoy a candlelit mass during a pre-dawn religious parade in downtown Ponce. The day’s celebration is to commemorate the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe. The cathedral is open every day of the week except for the Las Mañanitas festivities. Visit and enjoy stunning Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe Monday where you can explore a piece of Puerto Rico’s gem.